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My name's Tiziana Menna 
and this is the website I've set up.

The object of this site is not me,but Christianity.
I've been a self-taught christian since 1975 - by this
I mean that one day I took my Bible,which had been
gathering dust in my bookcase for the previous ten years,
started reading the Gospel and realized that my interpre_
tation of Christianity differed from that of other Christian 
Churches.My "alternative" theses have naturally evolved and 
become consolitated over the years,and when I discovered
Internet in May 1998,I decided to tell you about them.
I obviously have no intention of emulating the Twelve 
Apostles; all I wish to do is tell you about my "alternative" theses
on Christianity,which you may decide to share or refute.
Happy reading!

Tiziana Menna